let your business’s
square footage do more for you.

Our Consulting Services are personalized for every client’s unique needs.




are you unhappy with your current spacE?

You’ve come to the right place! There are many studies we can do to analyze your current space and define actionable steps you can take to make your space better meet your needs.

Take a look at some of the services we offer below and reach out to me for a consultation discussion to define the right mix of services/activities for your project.

Are you looking for or at a new space?

If you have already found a location, we can help you analyze the space from an interior use perspective before you have signed a lease to aid you in negotiations and ensure that it will meet you needs. We call this Space Due Diligence.

If you have not found a space yet, we can work with you to define a program and list of requirements to streamline the search process.


potential service types

We work with you to identify and analyze your spacial needs and goals. We evaluate existing spaces, how they work (or don’t work) for you, and outline an “ideal scenario” of how you would like to use your space in the future.

Metric Analysis
Do you know how much square footage you have per employee? In New York, a study showed that the average company was spending $35,000/year on space for ONE employee. We can help you understand your metrics and compare them to similar industry benchmarks so you know where you stand.

Global Guidelines
Do you have multiple locations across the country, or the world? Are you looking to streamline the spaces so that they have a cohesive brand feel? We can help you create a clickable Guideline Document for office managers to source products. We can also include guidelines for local architects to keep in mind during design.

Visioning Sessions
Are you unclear about how to align your culture/concept with your space? This is an opportunity to discuss your ideal space - the look and feel, culture and functionality. We facilitate a high energy, brainstorming session with all key stakeholders so that you can build consensus with your team.

End User Interviews &/or Space Observations
Individual’s perceptions of how they use space is much different than how they may actually use it. We offer Space Observations and/or End User Interviews to uncover useful insights that can improve your business.